Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back from hols

Been back from Turkey a couple of days now and i find myself struggling with quite a few things... the weather for one!
We didn't have a good holiday, far too stressful and i've got a sore throat and cold sores!!!! never had one before, ever!
My car has gone back, so i'm stuck at home... gggrrrr! daren't ask when i might get another one as we are spending far too much at the moment on the wedding.... have i mentioned before that we are getting married in september? and that leads to my next problem......
i've totally lost my mojo again and i've got to finish the invites yet! mojo is probably hiding in my craft room which i haven't been into since we got back!
right, got to stop feeling sorry for myself and get into gear and get things organised. hopefully the girls at craft club will help lift me back up tonight.


  1. OMG Congratulations!
    as for the rundowness take echinacea for two weeks, im an echinacea junkie now and swear by it!

  2. Cheryl, just seen your photos on Kirstys blog, you looked stunning and the whole day looked fab! Jules x